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Prefer open sunny positions. Are hungry feeders, prepare beds well in advance with incorporation of rotted manure or compost. In subsequent years fertilizer may be used as a top dressing

Roses can be stunted if planted in old rose beds without renewing the soil. Be prepared to spray for perfect roses or take a more relaxed attitude to a blemish. Collect and burn fallen rose leaves to aid disease prevention. On planting, shorten all stems to 4 buds. In following years, maintain a framework of 4 to 6 main stems, reducing seasons growth to 3 buds for H.T. and 5 for Floribunda. Deadheading promotes new flowers.

Shrub roses when grown for their decorative hips,are not deadheaded

See our catalogue section for our wide range of Trees ,Shrubs, Climbers, Fruit and Hedging as well as Roses.

We also offer...
Climbers and Ramblers - 23 Varieties
Miniature Ground Cover and Patio - 10 Varieties
Shrub Roses - 24 Varieties
Bush (HT & Floribunda) - 12+ Varieties
The best time to view the roses in the field for selection is in July.